Who We Are The who, what and why our company exists

We are IDES Mexico®, an always passionate, creative and fun business who loves to help society through technology. See below for more information, who knows? you might be interested in working with us.

We Build Great Products

We're not shy to ask. We take great ideas and ask you (the customer) if you love them? If the answer is anything but YEAH! we get back to the drawing board. We focus in what people need to develop new products.

We're Passionate

There are 3 things we are in love with: Innovation, Technology and People. Now merge them... Oh yeah! We do that.

We're Creative

We're always coming up with cool ways to improve stuff around the office. We're very curious to know how everything works.

We Have Fun!

We believe that having a little fun in the work place is key to get outstanding results.We know that a happy mind is more powerful than a dull one.

Meet Our Team

Each individual plays a great role in the development of our company. All their contributions are more worth than gold, making them an invaluable asset to the company.

Heriberto Garcia

General Manager

Heriberto Garcia is a Cybernetic Electronic Engineer specialized in Robotics and Industrial Automation. He's currently enrolled on a MBA program on High Management at CETYS University. Through his work at IDES Mexico, he is able to marry his passion for technology with his love for best decision making while innovating great products.

Heriberto is responsible for the Strategy, Management and Leadership of IDES Mexico. Under his management, the company has grown 400% in the last year. The company's first project COREDOM has been cited within the top 16 best green projects in Mexico by Cleantech Challenge Mexico; the most important Green Business Competition in Mexico, in 2013.

Hyo In Kim

Innovation Manager

22. Born in Korea, living in Mexico. Although he enjoys eating tacos, he still prefers eating Korean food. Majored in Cybernetics Electronics in CETYS University and obtained a B.A. in Management from City University of Seattle. Hyo is always looking to explore things and situations with a different approach from what he has experienced.

He thinks everything has more than just one purpose; the one it was made for and well... it depends on how many others can people point out.

His passion for finding new approaches [and keep improving them as well] has taken him to be Innovation Manager at IDES Mexico.

Mauricio Núñez

Engineering Manager

If you had to describe Mauricio Nuñez in one word, you would probably use the word maker. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the class of 2013 of the Cybernetic Electronics Engineer program from CETYS University. He specialized in Robotics and Industrial Automation because he wants to develop robotic prosthetics. Mauricio loves DIY projects, gadgets, classic muscle cars, crafting and watching movies.

As Engineering Manager, Mauricio is currently responsible for the design, creation and testing of all the hardware developed by IDES Mexico. Working at IDES he is able to pursue his passion for making hardware and improve as a builder.

Hector Hernandez

Software Architect

Graduated as Software Engineer, Hector has worked with different technologies and programming languages throughout his career.

Although he spends most of his time programming, he enjoys doing other activities such as cooking, exercising, playing guitar and video games.

As Software Architect, he is responsible for the analysis and implementation of design patterns and best technologies, always seeking for the most suitable options for the business.

More About Us

Our Culture

In IDES Mexico, we believe in contributing to the welfare of the people through the development of technology...

7 Awards Won
614 Happy Customers
18 CSGO Competitive Wins
68 Bottles of Beer

Our Work Check out our Energy Care Platform COREDOM®, we’re sure you’ll immediately fall in love.

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